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How To USe Events Feature
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Knowing how to use the Events feature can be a big plus in meeting other people. Events can be within the various groups, within the Events section, and also attached to profiles themselves. The best way to use the Events feature is to monitor the calendar. Additionally, when you are in the forms or groups sections, and find a group that you are interested in, click on Subscribe to get notices of all changes, postings, and events that happen within the Group.

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Ready to now post an event? This is where you will learn how to post and promote an event in Amore Network.


The events section is divided into 2 parts:  LOCATIONS and EVENTS


To start getting things ready, you first have to Gather up all your information on the LOCATION first.  Go to your main menu, and select locations... and enter in as much information on the venue you can.  Make sure you can add the address correctly since the map and driving directions which are automatically generated by Google.


Once you have your LOCATION, you can now go to the Main Menu, and create an Event.


1) Location - start typing in the first few letters of the venue you have already entered, and you will get a drop down list of matching locations. Selct the one which is correct for your event


2) Title - Make a title which catches the eye and describes the event well


3) Description - Enter ALL information completely and give as many details as you can. There is no limit to the length, and be as descriptive as possible.


4) Address Information - Enter all fields (Country, State, City, ZIP, and address) completely


5) Date Start / End - A drop down calendar will appear which will allow you to select the date and then the time (at bottom of calendar display)


6) Organizer - The name of the person who is throwing the event and is the main contact person


7) Phone - contact phone for any questions


8) Website - If this is a commercial event, you can link to the website address


9) Price - If this is an event which charges for tickets, admission, or other compensation you MUST put the price in this field


10) Ticket link - This is a link to a commercial website which is taking orders for tickets. This will be monitored and approved my Administrators


11) TAGS- the way you have people find your event by typing in a comma separated list of  values which best describe things about the event.


12) Categories - you can select a category by using the drop down list, and add additional categories by clicking on the GREEN + button to add another


13) Event photos - upload a photo of the venue or a graphic which best describes the party


14) YouTube video - if you have uploaded a YouTube video of your event, or the venue, then place the link in this field to have a video on your page


15) Event Videos- Event Sounds (DISABLED)


16) Event Files - Upload flyers, coupons, or other PDF based information. For details on how to create the PDF, visit the Support forums


17) Privacy Settings - You can limit the setting of who gets to see, join, and contribute to your event listing. The ONLY setting which should be PUBLIC would be the VIEW event.  All others should have a privacy setting set to Members. The upload sections can be set to Administrators or Participants.




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