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How To Use Meeting Feature
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This allows members to conveniently and easily proposition other site members for a meeting of any kind. Members can choose to add themselves to the Meet Me list for a specific day. This facilitates the scheduling of meetups, speed dates etc.

When proposing a Meeting schedule, the member submits the following :

  • Type of Meeting (Social, Club Meeting, At your place etc.)
  • When to meet
  • Where to meet
  • Brief description of what is expected.
  • Who they are looking to meet (Males, Females etc.)
  • What sort of contribution are they willing to make (pay for tickets etc.)

Member can post Photos of Proposed Meeting Venue (Optional).

Member can post Video Message (Optional).

Google Map on main meeting page displays all proposed locations for meetup for today.


Members who are interested in a particular Meet Me request can show interest.

The Owner of the Meet Me request is notified every time someone shows interest.

The Owner of the Meet Me request can view a listing of all persons who have shown interest and can the select person(s) who they are willing to participate with.

It is possible to select one or multiple participants.


Browse feature on main page allows viewing all Meet Me requests for a particular day.

Search feature on main page allows drill-down to view all Meet Me requests at any proposed location (a particular City etc.)

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