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Spammers, Scammers, and Blocking - Your Privacy
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When was created, it was intended to be simple to control and easy to use.  One of the biggest concerns was tyour privacy and control. So there are certain things you should know when using the site which will make your experience trouble-free.

  1. REPORT SCAMMERS- if you get solicitations or messages which appear to be of a scammer or spammer, report them immediately.  Your eyes are important to keep things as safe as we can.
  2. PRIVACY SETTINGS - Familiarize yourself with your privacy settings. To see how they are working and each setting, just go to ACCOUNT, then to PRIVACY SETTINGS. Here you will find a central place for all of your interaction within the site. Create multiple Privacy groups and add people to each so as to control what they are able to see or share with you. All segments of the website operate around your privacy groups, so dive in and take a look around.
  3. INSTANT MESSAGING - if you desire to use instant messaging (IM), then you do nothing. If you wish that only certain people will be able to IM you, then go to your privacy settings as described in #2 above, and expand the section called SIMPLE MESSENGER. Here you can decide which of your privacy groups can IM you while you are logged on.
  4. FILTERS - already has filters in place to stop certain phrases, words and text from being posted within all areas of the site. No matter if it is in profile fields, Instant messages, blogs, emails, forums, comments, or any other area where text is used.... we scan for abusive or spam messages and stop the posting, or flag for abuse.  Users are suspended, and site access is taken away.  Users cannot post links within the site unless approved by administrators.

Your safety and identity as well as your privacy has always been paramount in the construction of to make it the best FREE dating site available.

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