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07-25-2010  Venice, FL - After many frustrating hours of researching search habits of internet users, has implemented a faster and easier way to find the information you are looking for. This technology is currently being implemented in some websites, but is slowly gaining popularity as it offers one-click access to related materials without using cumbersome search forms. The technology is called TAGGING, and gives the user complete control of the content they wish to view.

This technology is easy to use and is only as effective as the person creating the content. When any content is created on the Private Adventures website, there is a field which will be filled by the creator with a list of words separated by commas that he or she feels best describe key ideas or descriptions of the content they are about to upload.

Typically, all the other websites which feature a search box index phrases and words within all text on the site. This method then employs a search box where the member types in a word or phrase to find matching content. Unless the content on the site matches the exact phrase, then fewer or no results will appear. This not only frustrates the user, but also prevents the site from being properly used by it's members.

Many of the other couples-based websites use the traditional long search form with a long list of interests (sometimes over 50 choices) from which you pick 4-6 items. This needlessly restricts what you can add to a profile to adequately state the activities you wish to enjoy with other couples. So Private Adventures employed a TAGS based profile field where the member can add as many descriptive words about themselves and their interests and hobbies. Now the person searching can either just type in words or click on a webpage which contains a list of words which link directly to the content which has those tags.

For example, you can take Mr & Mrs Smith who are from Michigan, and are huge University of Michigan Wolverines fan and alumni. When they create their profile, they type in tags (seperated by commas) of Michigan, Wolverines, football, University of Michigan, cooking, bowling, cards, cruises, Europe, reggae, country music, NASCAR and 4 wheeling.  When a visitor goes to the tags page, and selects PROFILES and then clicks on "Wolverines", the Smith's profile will appear in the listings as well as all other people with that same tag.

Alternatively, if the member clicks on the Events tab and click on Wolverines and get scheduled meetings of Booster clubs, actual scheduled games, or parties for U of M fans. The same goes for the PHOTOS, VIDEOS, GROUPS, and FORUMS which all have this feature enabled.

Creator of MYSocialCircles, Richard Meyers, thinks that the days of running search after search using antiquated forms is slowly dying off, and a much more efficient method will employ the TAGS system. He stated "I have setup profiles on all the major social networking sites and also all the couples' websites and tried in vain to get the information or profiles of people and events with any regularity. So I wanted to setup a system of easy input, and easy retrieval using the tags. Once you start using it, you will never want to fill out a form again!"

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