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How to Create The BEST Profile
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Now that you have established your account, it is time to polish your profile to get the best impact and tell people who you really are and what you look for in a partner.

Here is where you learn about the best ways to make the biggest positive impression. recent studies say it takes 8 seconds for someone to look at a page and decide that they are not interested. So we are Amore Network will guide you through the process of making the eyes go POP, and the edges of the mouth defy gravity in a smile, and generate more interest by following our simple guidelines.


1) Ladies: unless you want to attract the wrong replies, DO NOT take your pics laying across the bed or Lying around in lingere!

2) Men: you might have the best abs in the city, and have a chiseled look.... but present yourself as you would on your FIRST DATE.  Half naked is not the way to show up, right? Just imagine your date's MOM will answer the door... and dress appropriately!

3) FOR ALL: Have at least one picture of each of the following : you smiling, you laughing, your WHOLE body, and you doing one thing that you have as a passion or hobby.

4) Mirror Shots: maybe many people do not have someone they would like to take a picture, so they stand in front of the bathroom mirror. Before you do....(only if YOU HAVE TO)... look around you and see what someone else will see when looking in your bathroom. Did you flush the TOILET? (This has happened) Is your vanity cluttered and looks like a shelf at Goodwill?

5) Bring your camera to a meet n greet party and have people take pictures of you having fun or being with others! Opportunities abound, and there are very few people I know who would turn you down!

6) Change your profile pictures! Every once in a while rotate your pictures and show off a new look, new clothes, or you having fun! If you have pics showing 3 years ago... people will think you have changed and you might be hiding something.

7) DELETE PHOTOSHOP on your computer! If you change your pics, make your self skinny, erase some wrinkles, then.... you are perpetrating a lie! Show yourself as you REALLY ARE! Your pictures show who that person will meet at your door on a date!

8) NO GLAMOUR SHOTS! - In over 30 years of photography experience, there have been less than a handful of people who ACTUALLY look like their Glamour Shots sessions. These are so heavily touched up that you would not have a positive response.

If you have any other ideas on the subject, we would love to have you comment below!!!!!

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